What Causes Overheating of iPhone

iPhone Overheating

Imagine this scenario: you’re in the midst of a crucial FaceTime call, firing off essential emails, or deeply engrossed in an intense mobile game when it happens – your iPhone transforms into a hot, uncomfortable slab of metal and glass. The sensation is not just unpleasant; it can also be a source of worry. At SD Cell Plus, we’re here to demystify the phenomenon of iPhone overheating, providing you with a comprehensive guide to understand why your trusty device might occasionally run hotter than usual. 

There are several factors why your iPhone is overheating, Intensive usage, such as gaming or video streaming, can strain the device’s processors, generating excess heat. Software glitches may also lead to abnormal processor activity.  In this guide you can learn how to fix an overheated iPhone that wouldn’t turn on, your iPhone while using it heavily can elevate temperatures. Extreme environmental conditions, both hot and cold, can impact device performance. Ensuring software updates, optimizing app usage, and using genuine accessories can mitigate overheating issues, making for a more comfortable iPhone experience but if all fails then it’s time to seek professional iPhone repair services from a reputable cell phone repair shop.

In this illuminating journey, we’ll explore the various factors that can contribute to your iPhone heating up and offer practical solutions and tips to help you keep your device cool and comfortable. So, if you’re ready to dive deep into the world of iPhone temperature fluctuations, let’s embark on this illuminating adventure!

Demystifying the Causes of iPhone Overheating

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s vital to uncover the underlying reasons behind your iPhone’s occasional tendency to overheat and how to deal with overheating issues. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon:

1. Heavy Usage

Engaging in resource-intensive activities like gaming, video streaming, or running demanding applications can push your iPhone’s processors to their limits, resulting in increased heat generation.

2. Software Glitches

Occasionally, software bugs or glitches within your device’s operating system can cause abnormal processor activity, leading to overheating. Ensuring your iPhone’s software is consistently up to date can often resolve these issues.

3. Charging and Usage Combo

Charging your iPhone while using it intensively, such as during gaming or video streaming, can elevate heat production as your device simultaneously manages power consumption and the charging process.

4. Environmental Factors

Extreme temperatures, whether it’s sweltering heat or freezing cold, can have a significant impact on your iPhone’s performance and contribute to overheating.

Battling Overheating – Practical Solutions

1. Give Your iPhone a Breather

If you observe your iPhone heating up during resource-intensive tasks, consider taking short breaks to allow it to cool down. Giving your device a moment to catch its breath can go a long way in preventing overheating.

2. Optimize Background Apps

Running multiple apps in the background can be a significant contributor to heat generation. To mitigate this, regularly close background apps that you’re not actively using. You can do this by double-clicking the Home button (or swiping up from the bottom of the screen on iPhone X or later) and swiping away app previews.

3. Update Your iOS

Apple frequently releases iOS updates that include bug fixes and enhancements. Keeping your iPhone’s operating system up to date is crucial, as these updates often address known issues, including overheating problems.

4. Battery Health Check

Monitoring your battery’s health is essential. You can check this by navigating to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. If you notice significant battery degradation (usually below 80% capacity), it might be time to consider getting a battery replacement. A worn-out battery can contribute to overheating.

Mind the Environment

Be mindful of the environment in which you use your iPhone. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. If it’s scorching outside, try to keep your device shaded and cool. Conversely, in frigid weather, allow your iPhone to warm up gradually before heavy usage.

When Charging Causes Heating

  • Genuine Accessories Using genuine Apple-certified chargers and cables is paramount. Third-party or counterfeit accessories may not regulate power effectively, resulting in overheating issues. It’s worth investing in quality accessories to ensure your iPhone’s safety.
  • Remove the Case When charging your iPhone, consider removing your phone case. Some cases can hinder heat dissipation, trapping heat and contributing to excess heat buildup during charging. Allowing your device to breathe freely can help maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Charging in Airplane Mode Activating Airplane Mode during charging can be a helpful practice. Airplane Mode disables wireless radios like cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, reducing power consumption and, consequently, heat generation. This is particularly useful if you’re not expecting important calls or messages during your charging session.


If you find that your iPhone continues to overheat despite following these guidelines, it’s essential to troubleshoot:

Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve underlying software problems that may be contributing to overheating. To restart your iPhone, hold down power button until the message slide to power off appears on the screen. After turning off your iPhone, restart your iPhone after waiting for a while. 

Factory Reset as a Last Resort

If all else fails and overheating issues persist, you might consider performing a factory reset. However, exercise caution and ensure you have a complete backup of your data before proceeding. A factory reset should only be attempted if you are confident in your technical abilities, as it will erase all data on your iPhone.


Understanding the cause of iPhone overheating is the first step in maintaining your device’s performance and longevity. At Cell Phone Repair Shop we believe that a cool iPhone is a happy iPhone, ready to serve you without any overheating-related hiccups. With the knowledge gained from this comprehensive guide and the practical solutions how to stop you iPhone from over heating, you can ensure your device stays comfortably cool even during demanding tasks. Bid farewell to the “hot potato” syndrome and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient iPhone experience!