Water Damaged Phone, Turns On But Screen Is Black

Water Damaged Phone

Understanding a water-damaged phone screen is important before troubleshooting. Water entering a phone can cause short circuits and corrosion, leading to component malfunctions. Prompt action is key to minimizing damage. Start by powering off the device and avoiding attempts to turn it on or charge it. Check for visible damage, and if issues persist, seek professional phone repair technicians from a trusted source. Invest in waterproof cases to prevent future water damage and regularly back up important data.

What Is A Water-Damaged Phone Screen?

When water enters a phone, it can cause short circuits, leading to malfunctioning components. The severity of the damage depends on factors such as the duration of exposure to water, the type of liquid involved, and the types of screen damages that may occur. Prompt action is crucial to reduce damage and increase the chances of successful recovery.

5 Steps To Fix a Water-Damaged Phone That Turns On But The Screen Is Black?

Immediately power off the device to prevent further electrical damage. Avoid attempting to turn on the phone or charge it, as this can exacerbate the issue. Instead, proceed with the following troubleshooting steps: If water has entered the phone, try to remove water from inside the phone screen as much as possible by gently shaking the device and using absorbent materials like rice or silica gel.

1. Dry the Phone Thoroughly

  • Carefully remove the phone from any water source and dry it thoroughly. 
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe away excess moisture from the exterior of the device. 
  • Place the phone in a container filled with uncooked rice or silica gel packets, which can help absorb moisture effectively. 
  • Allow the phone to remain in the drying agent for at least 24 hours to ensure thorough drying.

2. Perform a Forced Restart

  • This process varies depending on the make and model of your device but typically involves holding down specific buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • A forced restart can sometimes help resolve software glitches that may be causing the black screen issue.

3. Check for Visible Damage

  • Take a close look at your phone to see if you can spot any damage like rust, leftover water, or cracks on the screen. 
  • If you see any damage, it’s best to get help from a professional repair service. Trying to fix serious damage on your own might make things worse and could cancel any warranties you have.

4. Seek Professional Assistance

If the above steps fail to resolve the black screen issue, it’s time to seek professional assistance from a reliable phone repair services like SD Cell Plus. Professional technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to diagnose and repair water-damaged phones effectively. 

5. Preventing Future Water Damage

While accidents are inevitable, there are measures you can take to minimize the risk of water damage to your phone in the future, such as:

  • Invest in a waterproof phone case or pouch to provide an extra layer of protection when using your device near water. 
  • Consider backing up important data regularly to ensure you can retrieve it in case of water damage or other unforeseen incidents..

What to do if your phone won’t turn on but the screen is black? 

If your phone’s screen is black but turns on, try restarting it or performing a forced restart by holding down the power button. If that doesn’t work, try charging your phone or replacing the battery. If the screen remains black, you may need to seek professional help.

Will a water-damaged phone ever work again? 

Yes, getting water-damaged phone repair services can make it work again. The success of repair depends on the extent of the damage and how quickly you take action to address it. Seeking professional cell phone repair services or attempting DIY drying methods can increase the chances of restoring functionality. 

How to fix the phone touchscreen not working after water damage? 

If your phone’s touchscreen isn’t working after water damage, thoroughly dry the device. You can use silica gel packets or rice to absorb moisture. If the issue persists, try restarting the phone or performing a forced restart. 

Can water damage phone displays? 

Yes, water can damage a phone’s display. It can cause issues such as a black screen, lines on the display, or touch responsiveness problems.


Dealing with a water-damaged phone that turns on but has a black screen can be a stressful experience, but with prompt action and careful troubleshooting, there’s hope for recovery. Following the steps discussed above can increase the chances of restoring your device to full functionality. Lastly, if you’re looking for a reliable and leading Phone repair shop, Please Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you soon