Tips To Fix Phone’s Sound Issues By Phone Repair Experts

phone sound issue

Finding that your phone’s speakers are causing audio issues can be frustrating! Most people who experience sound issues realize that their phone speakers are causing issues mostly when they try to play a song or a video on their phone. If you’re one of those experiencing this issue, don’t worry. There can be many reasons for your phone making sound issues, and these tips by Cell Phone Repair Store Experts will help you troubleshoot the issue and fix it.

Experts at phone repair stores explain how to fix phone sound issues

Before moving on to fixing your phone’s sound issues or making your speakers work again, you should first test the speakers as per the expert opinion of electronics repair in Murfreesboro. You can do this by trying to play music through the Music app on your phone. If you can hear the sound clearly, there might be no sound issue, but the way you were playing it might be causing the issue. You should try playing sounds on several apps to ensure no speaker problems.

After testing the speakers and finding out they are not functioning properly, you can try the following methods to make them work again and ensure that there are no internal damages to the device or the phone’s speakers.

Check The Device’s Volume

Although this one might sound obvious, it is important to check the volume of your phone’s devices. Most of the time, it is not your phone’s speakers that are causing the issue, but it is you who forgot to turn up the volume or accidentally turned it down.

It is also common to connect your phone to a headset or hands-free; when you disconnect it you often forget to turn the volume up. Therefore, when you test for sound issues, ensure you have increased your device’s volume.

Ensure That Bluetooth Is Not Connected

As mentioned earlier, most people connect their phones to other devices and then forget to disconnect them or increase the volume after disconnecting them. So another thing you must check while testing the speakers is to ensure that your phone is not connected to any other device through Bluetooth. You must disconnect the device and then turn off the Bluetooth. After doing that, you may test your phone speakers again.

Is Your Phone On Do Not Disturb Mode?

The Do Not Disturb Mode on your phone is designed to silence and turn off all the calls, texts and notifications you may receive. Therefore, if your phone has suddenly stopped notifying you by sound or you have suddenly stopped receiving notifications, it may be that your phone’s do not disturb mode is on.

If that is the case, you should turn off the do not disturb mode on your device. You can do it by accessing the control panel by swiping up your phone’s screen.

Try Rebooting Your Phone

It might be that there is some minor fault or an error or bug in some app which may be causing sound issues. Therefore, you may try turning off your device and then turning it on again to reset any issues that may occur or make it hang. Therefore, cell phone repair store experts recommend that you must reboot your device to make your phone speakers normally work again.

Try It With Headphones

If none of those mentioned above help, the speakers may have issues. You may test it by connecting your device to an external headphone.

If you detect no sound issues while your phone is connected to the headphone, it ensures that it’s not any other problem, but there is some problem with the device’s speakers. You may try connecting the phone with other Bluetooth devices as well. If there are no sound issues in any of the devices, then this proves that there is no network problem causing the sound issues, but there are internal hardware issues that require professionals’ help.

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Get Help From The Professionals

Now that you have detected that it’s not any software issue or minor fault that is causing your phone to make sound issues, but your phone has some internal hardware problem or your phone speakers need replacement, you may take it to a reputed phone repair store such as ourselves. We at SD CellPlus can help fix all your sound issues instantly.

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