Smartphone replacement vs. repair: A helpful guide by phone repair store professionals

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You’re bound to have a broken smartphone at some point. Even if the damage is minor, your phone may still be useful. A small crack in your phone’s screen does not necessarily indicate that it is broken. According to our experienced technicians at SD CellPlus, if the damage is severe enough, the phone must be replaced or repaired before it can be used again. It may be difficult to determine whether the damage should be repaired rather than replaced. However, there are a few things to consider before making your final decision. First, read the fine print on your smartphone insurance policy provided by the phone repair store.

When your phone breaks, you must decide whether it is cheaper to repair or to buy a new one.

Based on your unique financial situation and the severity of the damage, these guidelines by SD CellPlus will help you decide whether to repair or replace a damaged phone. 

Smartphone replacement vs. repair: A helpful guide by phone repair store professionals

Taking into consideration the cost

One of the most important considerations is the type of repair your phone requires. Many problems can be solved simply by replacing a broken screen. Extensive damage that renders a phone unusable, on the other hand, maybe more expensive and time-consuming to repair services. Repair Costs and Timetable

Similarly, if you have to spend significant time or money mending your phone, you may be better off purchasing a new one from a cell phone repair center.

Mobile Device’s Age

Understandably, you’d be reluctant to replace a brand-new phone that has been damaged. However, if your phone is older, you may believe that the damage indicates it is time to replace it. 

A warranty or insurance

Phone damage may sometimes be compensated if you have a warranty or insurance from a cell phone repair store in Murfreesboro. For example, at SD CellPlus, we ensure that our customers are fully guaranteed. 

Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, your insurance company may decide to replace your phone regardless of the damage. You might also consider whether you should get monthly or annual phone insurance.

When Should You Repair Your Phone?

You’re more likely to repair your phone yourself if you don’t have insurance. In other cases, such as a broken screen, the most common DIY fix, you may be able to repair the phone yourself. But it is not recommended, as this can make the situation more adverse!

Hence contacting SD CellPlus will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Another factor to consider is whether the repair will be covered by insurance or your mobile carrier if your phone is still under warranty. Manufacturers’ warranties frequently cover specific types of damage or equipment failures for one to two years from the date of purchase. You may save money and avoid voiding your warranty by performing illegal repairs if you do this.

When Should You Replace Your Phone?

Repairing a broken phone isn’t always worth the time and effort. Because repairing a damaged phone may be more expensive than purchasing a new one, which is the most common scenario. The same applies if the broken phone is significantly older than current models. SD CellPlus always guides its customers with honesty. We never repair a phone whose warranty is over and that will just last for a couple of days. Instead, we guide our customers to make an informed decision regarding their investment.


This guide will help you in making a good decision regarding your smartphone. If something is unclear to you, or you can’t seem to decide, make sure to contact our professionals at SD CellPlus, as we are always there for our customers. SD CellPlus is a phone repair store that won’t disappoint you!