Know About Screen Protectors – A Guide By Phone Repair Store in Murfreesboro

Know About Screen Protectors - A Guide By Phone Repair Store

All the smartphone users know the feeling when your phone falls face down and you are scared to see the screen with shattered glass. It is not only annoying to look at but also reduces the overall value of the device. Luckily, with the right screen protector from a cell phone repair store Murfreesboro, you can save your screen from breaking or getting scratched. There are many types of screen protectors out there, and in this blog post, we’ll discuss them one by one to help you decide which one is better for you. 

So, without any delay, let’s begin.

Tempered Glass Protector – Easily Available At Phone Repair Store Murfreesboro

The glass for this protector is created by putting it through different kinds of thermal and chemical treatments to make them more durable. This type of glass is widely used in making kitchen appliances, car windshields, safety glasses, and now for screen protectors for your cell phone as well. Apart from the security, there are other benefits as well, which include good light transmittance – making the display clearer. More so, it looks the same as a phone screen, so you won’t even notice that it’s there. 

TPU Plastic Screen Protector

One other type of screen protector you can get is the TPU screen protector. The plastic is rubbery, flexible, and goes edge to edge with any smartphone model. It has good impact protection and self-healing feature from minor scratches that your device can get. However, there are some problems with it – the protector is not easy to apply and it doesn’t look natural at all. 

PET Plastic Protector

These types of screen protectors have a polyester film that has a matte finish on the top and adhesive on the other side to attach to the phone screen. You can buy and add it to the cell phone yourself; however, for more precision let experts at SD Cell Plus do it for you. The high-quality covers add an additional protective layer over the phone that prevents your phone from repair services. However, there is one downside, that is, they don’t have good impact protection in comparison to other screen protectors. 

Privacy Screen Protectors

Another option available at phone repair stores is privacy screen protectors. If you use the phone for business activities and are worried about revealing some of the sensitive options, privacy screen protectors are a great choice for you. These are a great choice for keeping the lurking eyes away from the screen as well as providing solid protection in case the cell phone falls over a surface. The base of this protector is usually made with PET plastic or tempered glass with an additional layer so no one can look at your screen from an angle.

Anti-Glare Protectors

Lastly, there are anti-glare protectors. They reduce the screen’s glare in the bright areas with its matte coating, and fingerprints as well. Similar to privacy protectors, they can also be made using tempered glass or PET plastic protectors. The only issue with this is that they might blur out the display. Therefore, it is important that you consider if you’ll be using the phone for extended periods of time in bright places before making this purchase. 

We hope this guide by our phone repair store has helped you understand the importance of phone protectors and how they are a must-have for your devices. To see other ways we can help you, contact us now.