A guide on when to replace your phone by phone repair store specialists in Murfreesboro

Phone Replacement Guide by Phone Repair Store in Murfreesboro

Everyone wants their brand-new Android phone to last as long as possible. A high-quality phone should last its owner for at least a few years. Despite your best efforts, the luster of your phone will eventually start to fade.

It might be time to upgrade if your device is outdated, damaged, or unable to run today’s games, apps, and websites.

Many mobile phone owners have an intuitive sense of when it’s time for phone replacement instead of repair from a phone repair store. However, some signs could enable you to determine when to act. Perhaps you’ve been curious about a new technological advancement or noticed a pattern of problems with your current phone. Hence there are a few telltale signs that your cell phone needs to be replaced because it is beyond repair. Our professionals at SD CellPlus have compiled a list of some signs that will tell you if your phone needs replacement or not. So let’s have a look at these signs!

A guide on when to replace your phone by phone repair store specialists in Murfreesboro

The battery drains too quickly

According to cell phone repair store Murfreesboro, regular phone battery failure should strongly indicate that it’s time to replace. If your Android device isn’t holding a charge or even battery start draining while charrging, you can try some methods we know to extend battery life, but they may not be very effective.

If your phone’s battery life keeps you tethered to an outlet or a power bank, it’s time to upgrade. If the phone’s manufacturer still sells replacement batteries, that’s a much cheaper option.

It is too slow to use

If you use a smart device for an extended period, you will notice a decrease in performance. Nobody enjoys waiting for their smartphone to respond. If you have an older smartphone, you may have seen that starting applications now takes a few seconds or more, and touches take longer to register. This entails that either your phone needs extensive repair services or you need to upgrade to a new phone.

No new updates

Once a year, around September, Android receives a significant update that frequently includes useful new features. Furthermore, it increases the strain on your phone’s limited resources. But don’t expect constant updates.

If you stop receiving OS updates, your phone will no longer receive security updates, leaving it vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you’re concerned about the security of an old phone that no longer receives security patches, it might be best to buy a new one from the cell phone repair center in Murfreesboro.

New Apps Cannot Be Installed

While virtual reality is still in its infancy, there are already several excellent VR applications for Android. Unfortunately, newer app types, such as virtual reality (VR) applications, which require a lot of resources, may not work well on older phones.

Applications Freeze Frequently

App instability is standard on the Android platform. Apps may have flaws in their design or functionality or may be incompatible with your phone. For example, phones with older operating systems may be unable to run specific applications.


No smartphone can survive indefinite use, either because of physical damage or because it has become obsolete. Naturally, not everyone can afford to get a brand new smartphone from a phone repair store right away, so to delay the inevitable, contact us at SD cell plus for authentic and long-lasting phone repairs!