Important things to do after getting a new phone from a phone repair store in Murfreesboro

Guide After Getting A New Phone From Phone repair store in Murfreesboro

If you haven’t updated your smartphone in a few years, you’re in for a treat when you do buy a new phone from a phone repair store. It’s tempting to dive right into your shiny new smartphone’s fancy features, especially if it has a larger screen and a better camera.

Before you can use the smartphone to its full potential, you’ll need to do a few things. Firstly set up your Google account, download and install applications, update existing apps, remove bloatware, enable biometric authentication, and more. You can reset your Android device to factory settings to start over. Now is an excellent time to reevaluate your smartphone usage in terms of the applications you require, your home screen’s layout, the widgets you use, and so on. Our experts at SD Cell Plus have curated this blog to guide you about what you must do when you get a new phone. Let’s get on with the article!

Important things to do after getting a new phone from a phone repair store in Murfreesboro

Get your phone secured!

According to you must protect your private data if your smartphone is lost or stolen and falls into the hands of the wrong people. This was true when it only held a contact list; however, with the introduction of mobile banking, email, intelligent home management, and security systems, the need for a safe and secure mobile device has grown dramatically. SD Cell Plus provides its customers with remarkable repair services, including software and hardware repairs. So check out our assistance and get in touch!

Install new updates.

Updates and patches are released regularly to address issues and shortcomings and to add new features. Because it was packed at the manufacturer, your phone may already have an available update, so make sure to install it as soon as possible.

When you find a software problem on your iPhone, Upgrade the software and go to the Settings menu, General, and Software Update. The phone will display any changes here. Select “Install,” then follow the on-screen instructions. When Apple first released iOS 15, customers had the option of upgrading to the latest version or staying with iOS 14. It is recommended that if you are presented with two upgrade options, you research the most recent iOS updates before making your final decision.

To perform a system update on an Android device, navigate to Settings > System. If a newer version of the operating system for your phone is available, your device will notify you and provide a link to download it. If the system fails to find anything, you can force a search by pressing the “Check for update” button.

Get a protective case.

You probably spent several hundred pounds on your new smartphone, so you want to protect it as much as possible. Use a case or screen protectors from a cell phone repair store in Murfreesboro to protect it from normal wear and tear and to reduce the possibility of the screen or back glass panel cracking in the event of a fall. Many smartphone covers are available at low prices from retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, and Carphone Warehouse.

Connect your Bluetooth devices.

The newest phones no longer have physical ports. Although this removes the convenience of connected audio devices like headphones and speakers, it should reduce the load on the socket and extend its life. Hence cell phone repair center in Murfreesboro advises connecting with Bluetooth devices as soon as possible.


Once you’ve correctly configured your Android phone, you’ll see that you can utilize it to get things done swiftly. If you face any issue regarding usage or software updates, make sure to contact us, and our phone repair store professionals will be in your assistance immediately!