Motorola Phone Overheated Won’t Turn On, How to Fix?

Motorola Phone Overheated

Overheating is never a good sign for any phone. The condition becomes even worse when your overheated smartphone refuses to turn on. It may also leave you in a panic situation. However, you don’t need to worry; the following article will present an easy guide on how to fix an overheated Motorola phone that won’t turn on.

Reasons Why Your Phone Overheating?

Understanding the actual reason behind a problem is the first successful step to resolving it. Here are some common reasons why your Motorola phone overheats.

  1. Faulty Battery: As a matter of fact, battery failures and using low-quality power cables can produce excessive heat in the device.
  2. CPU Issues: An overloaded CPU performs its tasks heavily and doesn’t work smoothly, which causes your smartphone to overheat.
  3. Software Malfunctions: There is a probability that an outdated system software could be the culprit behind the overheating of your phone.
  4. Unnecessary Apps: If you have dozens of malicious or unnecessary apps running your phone, they consume power from different resources and result in overheating.

What Temperature Should Your Phone Be?

It’s necessary to understand phones and other devices can endure a specific range of temperatures. Smartphones don’t have fans to keep them cool, so you should be careful while using your phone. To deal with an overheated phone, the optimal temperature should be between 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F) in any situation.

7 Steps To Fix Your Overheated Motorola Phone That Won’t Turn On

If your overheated Motorola phone is not turning on, it might be a panic-inducing moment for you. However, you can resolve this problem by following the right solution. The following are some authentic steps to fix your overheated Motorola phone that won’t turn on.

Step 1: Cool Down Your Phone

The first and most crucial step involves cooling down your device from an overheating situation. Manufacturers often recommend keeping smartphones at a temperature between –4°F and 113°F. An extremely low temperature can seize your device, and a higher temperature can cause permanent damage. If your phone is overheated, you can keep it in an airy environment for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2: Check Your Phone Battery

Overheating is often caused by battery malfunctions or failures. Meanwhile, if your phone has a non-removable battery, you can check its health by going into your device’s settings. Some apps can also help you get information about your battery. By getting essential details, you can identify if there is any battery issue. For draining battery solutions, monitoring battery health through device settings or specialized apps can help identify and address the underlying issues.

Step 3: Use a Different Charger

Sometimes, a broken or cracked power cable can damage your phone and cause overheating. If your charging cable is shredded or melted, you can check for damage and change it to retain the actual charging capacity. Plus, you should ensure that you’re using an original charger without any damage. You can also try a different power source to check whether your phone has started charging properly. 

Step 4: Remove Offending Apps

A Motorola may overheat due to augmented reality features, highly graphic games, and GPS navigation. Many other apps can also cause overheating problems. If you have multiple third-party or malicious apps on your phone, you can force close them and give your phone a break to regain its CPU’s power.

Step 5: Reset Your Phone

If you can’t remove apps or your phone is not performing well, you can reset it. Remember to make a data backup before proceeding, as it will remove all of your data. Here’s how to reset your Motorola phone step by step.

  • First of all, move into the “Settings” of your phone.
  • Then, choose the “System” option from the settings panel.
  • After that, tap “Reset” from the given menu. 
  • Upon doing that, select “Erase all data” to go for a factory reset. 

Step 6: Update the Software

Keeping your phone software updated is necessary to prevent glitches, bugs, or system failures. Your phone also notifies you if there is any software update pending. To check for updates and install new versions, follow these steps one by one. If you encounter software problems, such as glitches or malfunctions, ensuring your software is up to date can often resolve these issues.

  • Initially, open the “Settings” on your device.
  • After that, choose the “System” option. 
  • Afterward, select the “Advanced” option.
  • Then, hit the “System updates” to check available updates. 
  • Lastly, follow the instructions to install the updates. 

Step:7 Get Professional Assistance

Handling an overheated Motorola phone is not easy for any user. Therefore, it’s recommended that you should get professional phone repair services. For this purpose, you can connect with SD CELLPLUS to get services from highly skilled technicians. Our experts cool down your phone and implement the best solution to make it work again. With our comprehensive repair services, we ensure that your phone gets the attention it needs to function properly.


All in all, overheating can be a killer for your phone. If you’re wondering how to fix an overheated Motorola phone that won’t turn on, you can follow our guidelines. In the above article, we have discussed a detailed method step-by-step to revive your phone into a normal state. Our steps include cooling down your phone, checking your phone battery, using a different charger, removing offending apps, resetting your phone, and updating the software. If the issue persists, you can seek professional assistance from a reliable phone repair shop. At SD CELLPLUS, we have phone repair technicians who can handle any fault.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent your phone from overheating?

Saving your phone from overheating is not just necessary; it’s essential to prolong its lifespan. To prevent overheating, you can keep your phone away from sunlight and lower the screen brightness. Plus, you can remove unnecessary apps and give your phone more room to work smoothly. 

Can I use a wet cloth to cool my phone?

You can use a wet paper towel for this purpose, but ensure that water isn’t dripping from it. Also, keep the wet cloth away from the charging slots while wiping your phone. You can then put your phone under the fans to make it cool and dry.

How do I know if my phone is damaged from overheating?

If your phone battery discharges more quickly or works slower than usual, it might be a case of mild overheating. Meanwhile, the melting of the phone component and a broken screen are signs of excessive overheating.