Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working, But Mouse Is: What To Do?

Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working, But Mouse Is

Logitech’s K850 keyboard is a recognized wireless keyboard thanks to its ergonomic design and rich features. Nevertheless, a situation where the critical board stops working but the mouse continues to work is likely to occur.

Here are some steps you can do when your Logitech K850 keyboard not working issues.

1. Basic Troubleshooting: Check batteries and connectivity for keyboard issues.

2. Synchronize Your Logitech Keyboard: Rediscover communication by removing the noise and reattaching the receiver.

3. Reset Your Logitech Keyboard: Unclog the keyboard by rebooting the system preferences.

4. Deactivate Filter Keys: Disable Filter Keys to address keyboard malfunctions.

5. Restart HID (Human Interface Device): Restart HID devices through Device Manager.

6. Uninstall Drivers: Eliminate keyboard issues by uninstalling and allowing automatic driver reinstallation.

7. Update the Keyboard Drivers: Installing Logitech keyboard drivers will keep the hardware functioning at its best.

8. Reinstall the Logitech Software: Fix the keyboard issue with the functioning mouse by uninstalling the old Logitech software and installing the latest version of it.

9. Test the Batteries: Resolve wireless device issues by replacing keyboard batteries.

10. Hardware Failure: Consult a professional repair technician, if your efforts to solve the problem fail.

Tips to Fix Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working Issues

1. Basic Troubleshooting

Ensure your keyboard has new batteries and check for proper connectivity. Attempt to reconnect the keyboard or update its drivers. If your keyboard malfunctions but the mouse is operational, try resetting the settings and experimenting with other USB ports. Hiring computer repair experts may be the next logical step if these measures prove ineffective.

2. Resynchronize the Logitech Keyboard

The initial step is to resynchronize the Logitech keyboard and the receiver. This process is akin to re-establishing communication between the two devices:

  1.   Disconnect the USB receiver from the computer.
  2.   Wait a few seconds, and plug it back in to refresh the connection.
  3.   Search for a button on the keyboard or keyboard so that the pairing process commences; consult your keyboard’s user manual for specifications.

3. Reset the Logitech k850 Keyboard

If the previous step doesn’t resolve the issue and your keyboard is unresponsive while the mouse functions, resetting the keyboard settings might help eliminate any glitches:

  1.   Launch your operating system’s System Preferences or Control Panel in order, depending on their names.
  2.   Locate the “Keyboard” settings.
  3.   Find an option to restore keyboard settings to default.

4. Deactivation of the Filter Keys is Essential

Filter keys could be causing the keyboard to malfunction. Turn off this feature to see if the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard is Not Working but the Mouse Is:

  1.       Launch the System Preferences or Control Panel on your device afterward.
  2.       To open the “Accessibility” or “Ease of Access,” go to settings.
  3.       Locate “Filter Keys” and ensure it’s turned off.

5. Restart the Human Interface Device

Both your mouse and keyboard are HID devices, and restarting them may offer a solution for the keyboard not working, but the mouse does:

  1.   Access the Device Manager by locating it in the “Start menu”.
  2.   Navigate the device manager’s “Keyboards” section, locate your keyboard, right-click on it, and choose “Disable.”
  3.   After a moment, repeat the right-click and select “Enable.”

6. Uninstall the Keyboard Drivers

Corrupt or outdated drivers can be troubling. You can take your keyboard to the SD CELLPLUS repair center, where experts will help you in the following ways:

  1.       In the Device Manager, click the right button on the mouse and click “Uninstall device.”
  2.       Hard reset your machine to see if that triggers the auto drivers reload part.

7. Update the Drivers

Keeping your drivers up-to-date is essential for troubleshooting keyboard failure with working mouse:

  1. Go to the Device Manager.
  2. Right-click under “Keyboards” and choose “Update driver.”
  3. Select automated online updates or search your computer for the latest software.

8. Reinstall the Keyboard Software

Reinstalling the software can sometimes be beneficial:

  1.   Uninstall the current Logitech version from the computer.
  2.   Install the latest version by visiting Logitech’s official website.

9. Check the Batteries

Ensure your wireless devices have fresh batteries when your keyboard is not working, but the mouse is: Replace the batteries in the keyboard with new ones. Sometimes, a simple battery change can resolve the issue.

10. Check for Hardware Failure

Follow the provided tips to address Logitech keyboard issues. If problems continue and no remedies can cure them, then the hardware problem is the cause of all the damages mentioned above. Contact us for effective diagnosis and repairs, as professionals can often identify and resolve hardware issues more efficiently.

Why is my Logitech keyboard not working, but my mouse is?

If the keyboard is not functioning, but the mouse is, check the wireless connection and ensure the dongle is tightly plugged in. The batteries of the keyboard are replaced. Use Unifying Software from Logitech and the keyboard driver after reconnection. Interference from other devices or low battery capacity might cause the problem.

How do I get my Logitech k850 keyboard to work?

The wireless dongle must be for your Logitech K850 keyboard to work. Unplug the keyboard and substitute the batteries for fresh ones. Ensure the keyboard is connected to the computer. Besides this, make sure drivers have updated versions, reinstall the Logitech App, and try finding out if there is interference from other devices.

How do I fix my Logitech keyboard that won’t type?

Check the wireless connection first and use new batteries in case the problem remains to troubleshoot your Logitech keyboard that won’t type. Once everything is running, you may reconnect the keyboard with Logitech Unifying Software, update the drivers, and reinstall Logitech Options later. Ensure there are no other interfering devices and the noise-canceling keyboard is placed in the desired location.


The Logitech k850 keyboard is not working, but the mouse may be due to multiple factors; it’s essential to consider these causes methodically and rule them out individually. Through verifying the wireless connections, reconnecting the keyboard, and fixing the driver’s problems, interference has been reduced, and hence, keyboard functionality could be restored.