iPhone Overheating While Charging and Won’t Turn On

Overeating while charging

Have you ever experienced that heart-pounding moment when you plug your iPhone in for a routine charge, and suddenly, it feels like it’s heating up to the temperature of the sun itself? To make matters worse, it refuses to turn on, leaving you in a state of sheer panic. It’s a scenario that can send anyone into a frenzy. But worry not, because Cell Phone Repair Shop is here to shed light on the mystery how to fix an overheating Phone that wouldn’t turn on.

When your iPhone overheats while charging and won’t turn on, it can be due to a variety of factors. Overheating may result from using non-certified chargers or excessive resource consumption by apps. The refusal to turn on could be a protective measure triggered by the phone’s thermal management system. You can resolve this by unplugging, cooling, and trying a force restart. Keeping your iOS updated and managing resource-hungry apps can also prevent overheating.

In this comprehensive journey into the world of hot iPhones and the stubborn refusal to turn on, we’ll uncover the causes of iPhone overheating and equip you with solutions that are as cool as the flip side of the pillow. Ready to keep your iPhone’s cool factor intact? Let’s dive in!

Reasons Why Your iPhone Overheats While Charging and Won’t Turn On

Before we delve into the solutions we need to understand that why your phone is overheating and how you can deal with overheating issues.

The Fiery Enigma of iPhone Overheating

  • Hot Off the Charger It’s not uncommon for iPhones to generate some heat during charging, which is a natural byproduct of energy transfer from the charger to the battery. However, when your iPhone feels like a hot potato, it’s worth investigating further. Overheating can occur due to various reasons beyond the usual charging heat. learn the tips how to stop your iPhone from overheating.
  • The Sun and the Source Charging your iPhone in direct sunlight or using non-certified chargers and cables can exacerbate overheating issues. Stick to official and certified charging accessories to minimize the risk of excessive heat generation.

The Turning Point: iPhone Won’t Power On

Frozen in Heat

 If your iPhone overheats and subsequently refuses to turn on, it might be a protective measure. Apple’s devices are equipped with thermal management systems designed to safeguard against extreme temperatures. In such cases, the phone might temporarily shut down to prevent damage.

Potential Culprits

 To address the refusal to power on, it’s essential to consider various factors like software glitches, battery problems, or even physical damage that could be contributing to the issue.

The Cooling Down Protocol

Unplug and Cool Off

 If your iPhone feels abnormally hot during charging, the first step is to immediately unplug it from the charger and allow it to cool down in a cool, shaded area. Avoid using your phone during this time, as that can exacerbate the heat.

Force Restart

 To tackle the issue of your iPhone not turning on, try a force restart. The steps for a force restart can vary depending on your iPhone model, so it’s essential to consult the specific instructions for your device.

The Software Solutions

Update iOS

 Keeping your iPhone’s operating system up-to-date is crucial. Apple frequently releases software updates that include bug fixes and performance enhancements. These updates can resolve overheating issues caused by software problems.

App Cleanup

Overloaded or misbehaving apps can put excessive strain on your iPhone’s processor and contribute to overheating. Clear out background apps, check for app updates, or consider uninstalling apps that consume an inordinate amount of resources.

The Professional Check-Up

Tech Expertise

If your iPhone still refuses to turn on or continues to overheat despite your best efforts, it’s time to seek professional assistance. A certified technician can perform a comprehensive diagnosis to identify and resolve any underlying hardware issues.

Battery Examination

Overheating is sometimes a result of a faulty battery. To stop iPhone from overheating while charging, consult a professional technician who can assess the iPhone battery health with their best repair services and replace it if necessary.


In the realm of iPhones, overheating during charging and the stubborn refusal to power on can be vexing issues. However, armed with a deeper understanding how to deal with phone overheating issues, causes and a treasure trove of practical solutions courtesy of SD Cell Plus, you’re now well-prepared to keep your iPhone’s temperature in check. Bid farewell to overheating woes and embrace a cooler, more reliable iPhone experience! If you require professional Repair services, consider none other than Cell Phone Repair Shop