How to Fix iPhone 15 battery draining issue?

How to Fix iPhone 15 battery draining issue

The brand-new iPhone 15 is a powerhouse of innovation and matchless performance. However, even the most advanced technology can face challenges. One such common issue is the fast draining of the battery. If you’re struggling with this irritating problem, you are not alone. Luckily, there are effective solutions to figure out how to fix the iPhone 15 battery-draining issue that SD CellPlus has brought for you.

In contemplating whether it’s worth getting an iPhone repair, consider taking initial steps to address issues. Update iOS, monitor battery usage, and adjust screen brightness. Manage background app refresh, location services, and optimize battery settings. Review push notifications, close unused apps, and check for malfunctions. If the battery drain problem persists, reaching out to Apple Support or certified third-party iPhone repair providers becomes a viable option. Read more to bid farewell to the battery woes and get back to enjoying your iPhone 15 to the fullest!

11 Steps to Fix the iPhone 15’s Battery Draining Issue

Here’s how to fix the iPhone 15’s battery-draining issue:

1. Update iOS

Keeping your iPhone 15’s software up-to-date is vital for keeping optimum overall performance and battery efficiency. Ensure to install the latest iOS by going to Settings and choosing General, after which select Software Update. Stay on top of the updates to experience the satisfactory performance your iPhone 15 has to provide.

2. Check Battery Usage

Stop iPhone from overheating while charging by identifying battery-draining apps. In Settings, tap Battery to assess app battery usage. Identifying culprits empowers better usage control, aiding in addressing the overheating issue during charging.

3. Adjust Screen Brightness

The brightness of your screen plays a huge role in battery consumption. Lower the display brightness manually or enable the auto-brightness feature to allow your iPhone 15 to alter the brightness. Access the Control Center or go to Settings > Display & Brightness to make the necessary adjustments for a balanced display and efficient battery use.

4. Disable Background App Refresh

Prevent apps from fresh in the background, consuming needless power, and causing your iPhone 15’s battery to drain. Go to Settings and select General, after which tap on Background App Refresh. Turn off selected apps, making sure they best refresh when you actively use them.

5. Manage Location Services

Location services can be a great drain on your iPhone 15’s battery. Evaluate which apps really require access to your location and restrict this feature for others. Navigate to Settings, pick out Privacy, and then tap on Location Services to customize the location settings for every app primarily based on your choices and needs.

6. Optimize Battery Settings

When dealing with an iPhone battery draining issue, utilize the Low Power Mode feature to extend battery life during crucial moments. Activate it in Settings or directly from the Control Center to minimize power consumption by adjusting various settings. This ensures prolonged connectivity without completely depleting your battery.

7. Review Push Notifications

Unnecessary push notifications can contribute to battery drain. Take control of your notifications by customizing them for every app. Go to Settings, pick Notifications, and manage the notification settings for every app according to your priorities. Minimize unnecessary interruptions while maximizing battery efficiency.

8. Close Unused Apps

Apps running in the background can contribute to vast battery drainage. Regularly close apps that you’re not actively using to conserve energy. Swipe away the apps you want to shut. This simple step can go a long way if you want to figure out how you can fix the iPhone 15 battery draining issue.

9. Check for Malfunctioning Apps

Occasionally, certain apps may also malfunction and excessively drain your battery. To maintain the battery health of your iPhone, identify and deal with any rogue apps that are causing this problem. Consider uninstalling and reinstalling those apps to rectify any potential software faults that can be contributing to the battery-draining issue.

10. Reset Settings

If the battery draining trouble persists despite your efforts, you can try resetting all settings for your iPhone 15. Head over to Settings and select General, after which tap on Reset. Choose the option to Reset All Settings. Rest assured that this action will not erase your data; however, it will reset all settings to their default configurations, probably resolving any underlying troubles causing battery drainage.

11. Contact Apple Support or Certified Third-Party Repairers

If all else fails, do not hesitate to look for professional help from a iPhone repair shop. Reach out to Apple Support or authorized repair service providers for the ultimate solution. Their skilled team can offer worthy solutions to fix your iPhone battery draining issues and make sure you get back to using your device with the most excellent performance.


So, there you have it! A guide to help you figure out how to fix iPhone battery-draining issues while charging. We know it is crucial to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted user experience. By following these effective steps, you can troubleshoot and get rid of the battery-draining trouble efficiently. Moreover, recognize the importance of quality parts in maintaining your iPhone’s performance and longevity. Implement these strategies and experience your iPhone 15 with a long-lasting battery that helps your dynamic lifestyle and digital desires. Don’t forget to contact us or visit our website for more information about our premium-quality repair services.