How to Fix Hairline Crack on an iPad Screen ?

Hairline Crack on an iPad Screen

Have you accidentally dropped your iPad on a solid surface? If yes, hairline cracks must have appeared on the screen. Although these cracks might seem harmless, they can quickly develop into something serious if not fixed on time. So, if you are facing this issue, don’t worry—repair technicians at shops will help with the process.

What to Do Before Repairing the Hairline Crack ?

iPad users must learn about some things before sending their devices for repair, or you can do it yourself. Here are some crucial steps to take before doing iPad screen repair for hairline cracks.

Check the Intensity of the Damage

First, you should analyze the hairline crack on your iPad screen. This must be done to determine the intensity of the damage. Estimate the size, location, and depth of the hairline cracks. These factors will decide if DIY repair will work or if professional help will be required.

Confirm Your iPad’s Warranty

Next, you should check the warranty coverage for your iPad. If your iPad is still under warranty, two things could happen:

  • You could pay a fraction of the hairline crack repair costs.
  • The total cost is waived.

This should assist you in talking with Apple or an authorized service provider to identify your warranty coverage.

Create a Backup File

Before repairing an iPad, ensure you have backed up all critical data. You can use iCloud or iTunes to back up the content from the iPad. This measure ensures that unforeseen complications will not compromise the data during the repair stage.

7 Ways To Fix Hairline Crack in iPad Screen

Are you looking to fix a small hairline crack on your iPad’s screen? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you quickly fix iPad hairline cracks. These steps can help resolve a hairline crack on your iPad screen efficiently and effectively.

1. Collect All Necessary Tools

It would be best to collect the gadgets you will use during the repair, as experts at shops like SD CELLPLUS recommended. The tools required for fixing hairline cracks without replacing them include:

  1.   Hairdryer or heat gun
  2.   Suction cup or pry tool
  3.   Microfiber cloth
  4.   Screen repair kit (optional)

2. Make the Workspace Ready

Clean the work area with disinfectant and ensure there is sufficient light. Arrange a space where you can put your iPad and open it. During the repair, you should have no problem reaching the tools needed.

3. Remove the Screen Protector

If your iPad already has a screen protector, gently remove it to touch the cracked screen directly. Sometimes, the screen protector is challenging to remove, so you should seek professional iPad hairline crack repair for the removal.

4. Clean Your iPad’s Screen

Dampen a microfiber cloth with a screen cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. You can complete the screen cleaning. Ensure that any dust, foreign matter, or contaminant that might interfere with the repairs is cleared off.

5. Apply Controlled Heat and Gently Press the Screen

You might think that applying heat and pressure can damage the screen. Clear off any dust, foreign matter, or contaminant that might interfere with the repairs.

  1.       Warm up the cracked screen using low heat from the hairdryer or heat gun.
  2.       This softens the glue underneath the screen and helps remove it more easily.
  3.       Carefully lift the cracked screen with a suction cup or pry tool for a DIY iPad screen fix.
  4.       Apply gentle pressure to the screen so that the cracks join.

6. Take Your iPad to the Apple Service Center

If you don’t know how to repair your iPad yourself, you can go to an Apple store or an authorized service center. The technicians can perform diagnostics to analyze the extent of the damage and give you professional repair options.

7. Send the Device for Third-Party Repair

Another option besides sending your iPad to an Apple store is to send it to a reputable third-party repair service like SD CELLPLUS. These services use quality replacement parts and offer warranty coverage for their work.


Following these steps will explain how to fix hairline cracks in iPad screens with professional ipad repair service efficiently and effectively. Whether you repair it yourself or seek professional help, ensure you repair it carefully to restore your iPad’s functionality and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to have a cracked iPad screen ?

It is not best to have a cracked iPad screen. Cracks can worsen, leading to further damage or affecting touch sensitivity. You can learn how to fix hairline cracks in iPad screens for proper troubleshooting.

What should you do if the iPad has a small crack ?

If your iPad has a small crack, consider applying a screen protector to prevent it from spreading. You should consult a professional repair service for diagnosis and repair options.

Do cracks on the iPad spread ?

Cracks on an iPad screen can spread over time, mainly when continuously used.