How to Fix Hairline Crack in Phone Screen

Hairline Crack in Phone Screen

We have all been there—when our smartphone falls off from our hand or pocket and hits the unforgiving ground. If your phone lacks a protective case or screen protector, damage is inevitable. More often than not, cracks can occur even with the presence of a screen protector. You might notice a hairline crack that can later spread like a spider web on the whole screen. That’s why it’s essential to fix it immediately.

Causes of Hairline Crack on Phone Screen

While cracks usually appear after a fall, there can be other reasons, too. 

  • Applying uneven pressure on the screen
  • Twisting the phone or pressing down too hard
  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Bumping into something while the phone is in your pocket
  • Dropping your phone on a hard surface
  • Slight bulging due to faulty internal components

It can be difficult to determine the obvious cause of the hairline crack, but careful consideration can help avoid this issue altogether.

5 Tips To Fix Hairline Crack in Phone Screen

Fixing hairline cracks can be done in several ways, including DIY methods. Let’s look at all possible ways to fix this issue, along with types of screen damages.

1. Clear Nail Polish

Cracked phone screens can be repaired with nail polish containing cyanoacrylate. Just apply a thin layer of clear nail polish right on the crack. However, this method should be approached with great caution. Sometimes, even a small amount can impede the screen’s responsiveness. 

2. Super Glue

Repairing a cracked screen is also possible with super glue. Cyanoacrylate glue can easily seal cracks on various surfaces and can, hence, be tried on a cracked phone screen. However, you need to carefully apply a very thin layer to the crack and wipe the excess product using a cloth or cotton swab.

3. Packing Tape

A packing tape can hold onto your phone’s screen until you are ready for the phone screen crack repair. For that, simply cut a very small piece of packing tape, just about the size of the crack, and place it over the crack. Trim the excess carefully using a knife.  This way, you can hold onto the crack for a long time. 

4. Screen Replacement

DIY methods can only be a short-term solution. To extend the life of your phone, you will need to get the phone repaired. And the ultimate solution to a cracked screen is screen replacement. But instead of trying to replace the screen yourself, it’s better to get professional assistance. If your phone is damaged, bring it to us. Expert technicians at our shop can carefully carry out the repair, leaving your phone looking like a new one. Check out our screen protectors guide for further protection options.

5. Trade Your Mobile Phone

If your phone is an old model and fixing the cracked screen costs almost half the price of a new phone, then it’s better to trade your phone for a new one. You can simply sell the broken device and use the money you get to purchase a new one. There are many online sites, including SD CELLPLUS, where you can easily sell your old phone and even consider getting another one in good condition. Consider SD CELLPLUS for reliable smartphone repair services.


Hairline cracks don’t represent the end of your phone’s life. While we do not often know the cause behind these cracks, they can be repaired with DIY methods. However, it’s important to know that DIY methods are not the long-term solution. They should be carried out for the time being only until you are able to take your phone for repair. Cracked screens can be easily replaced with the help of experts. SD CELLPLUS, a trusted phone repair shop, offers fast and affordable cracked screen repair services to ensure your phone looks as good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to fix a broken screen using toothpaste?

Using toothpaste on a cracked screen can only result in more damage. Since the cracks are too deep and phone screens are very thick, a mildly abrasive product like toothpaste won’t work. Therefore, it’s better to avoid it. 

Can I use my phone screen if it’s cracked?

A cracked phone screen is a hazard in many ways. The broken glass may cut your fingers, and you could be exposing yourself to radiation. 

How to prevent phone screens from cracking more?

Using a screen protector and a protective case can prevent screen cracks from getting worse. Screen protectors are attached to your phone’s screen, preventing cracks and scratches from spreading.