How to Maintain Battery Health of Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

How do you maintain the battery health of your iPhone 14 Pro Max?

You can maintain ideal battery health on your iPhone 14 Pro Max, and for this, you have to employ a comprehensive strategy. Start by making sure your device has the most recent software updates installed, as these frequently include improvements for battery life. To help with heat dissipation, protect your device from temperature extremes and think about taking off the iPhone case while charging. Keep your iPhone partially charged when storing it for an extended time to avoid full discharges. 

When charging your iPhone 14 Pro Max, only use original or Apple-certified accessories, and don’t use it excessively. You can adjust screen brightness, turn off dynamic wallpapers, and keep an eye on battery life to spot apps that lead to battery-draining issues. Furthermore, you can shut down background apps and turn off unused features to conserve battery further.

9 Tips for Maintaining Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Health

So, you’ve got your hands on the sleek and powerful iPhone 14 Pro Max – a technological marvel. Now, let’s talk about keeping that battery in top-notch shape. Here are the instructions to make sure your iPhone 14 Pro Max maintains its best battery health.

1. Take Advantage Of The Latest Software Updates

Your iPhone’s software isn’t just about cool features; it plays a crucial role in your battery’s well-being. Apple regularly releases updates that enhance not only features but also the efficiency of your battery. So, keep that software updated – it’s your device’s secret thing to peak performance.

2. Avoid Using It While Charging 

Common sense, right? But sometimes, we can’t stop ourselves from scrolling through social feeds while charging. Stop! Using your iPhone during charging generates heat, and heat is the enemy of battery health because it can lead to overheating issues. Let it charge undisturbed, and you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Temperature Matters: Handle With Care

Your iPhone is resilient, but extreme temperatures can be its weakness. Too hot or too cold – both can mess with your phone’s battery health. So, avoid extremely high or low temperatures to prevent premature aging of your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

4. Use Original Accessories Only

Your iPhone comes with its add-ons – charger and cable. Stick with them. Non-certified accessories might cause battery draining while charging and, over time, could throw a party that your battery isn’t invited to.

5. Take The Case Out While Charging

We understand that your iPhone should be protected, but not while it’s charging. Some cases play hide-and-seek with heat, making your battery work extra hard. So, let it breathe by removing thick or heat-trapping cases – your battery will thank you later.

6. Put It In Half-Charged Storage for Extended Use

Are you preparing to put your iPhone away for a while? Give it a 50% charge to give it a power nap. This thing prevents the battery from completely draining during extended sleep. Your iPhone’s energy is like a warm blanket when its battery is only partially charged.

7. Optimize Settings

Your iPhone is versatile, and so are its settings. So, you have to adjust its brightness, get rid of dynamic wallpapers, and keep an eye on power-hungry apps. These small adjustments are like a personal trainer for your battery, ensuring it stays in tip-top shape.

8. Take Account Of Your Battery Usage

Your iPhone is smart enough to show you its power-hungry processes. So, use the built-in battery usage feature. Identify the culprits, manage them, and watch your battery thank you with prolonged life.

9. Close Apps And Disable Any Unused Features

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Location Services – when not in use, let them rest. Also, say goodbye to background apps consuming battery. A little care goes a long way in preserving battery longevity.

And there you have it, a thorough guide on how to maintain the battery health on your iPhone 14 Pro Max. With these steps, SD CellPlus hopes that you can ensure longer and optimal battery health. For professional iPhone repair services, you can contact us.


In short, maintaining your iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery healthy is a blend of smart charging habits, adjusting settings, and considering your device’s surroundings. So, stick to these real-world tips, and your iPhone will be your reliable companion, delivering top-notch performance throughout its journey.


Q1. Is it necessary to turn off my iPhone 14 Pro Max while charging?

It’s not a must, but a good practice. Avoid actively using it during charging to keep heat at a distance. Let your iPhone charge in peace for optimal results.

Q2. How often should I update my iPhone’s software? 

Regularly check for updates and install them promptly. Apple’s updates aren’t just bug fixes; they’re the superhero cape for your device’s overall performance, including the battery.

Q3. Can I use any charger to charge my iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Sure, you can, but it’s wiser to stick with the originals. Apple-certified accessories ensure efficient and safe charging, contributing to a healthier battery life