How do you fix Logitech iPad keyboard issues?

How do you fix Logitech iPad keyboard issues

You can fix the Logitech iPad keyboard working issues easily. The first thing to do when your Logitech iPad keyboard is acting up is to check and replace its batteries. Make sure that both of your devices have the most recent software updates, reconnect the keyboard, forget about it, and re-pair it in your iPad settings. It can be beneficial to clean connection points and modify accessibility settings. If problems still arise, think about trying the keyboard on a different iPad and, if necessary, contact a professional iPad repair service provider for specialized help.

Ways To Fix Logitech iPad Keyboard Not Working Issues

Here is a list of effective steps that you can follow to make your Logitech iPad keyboard work properly.

The Power Play: Battery Check

Let’s start with the basics. Make sure the battery in your Logitech iPad keyboard is sufficient before you get into the tech world. You have to replace the battery, and you’ll be able to experience the wonders of new power. This easy-to-use yet efficient solution could spare you from needless technical problems.

Reconnect And Restore

If changing the battery doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to reconnect it. This is how you can perform this step:

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your iPad.
  • Power down the Logitech keyboard.
  • Switch on Bluetooth on your iPad.
  • Bring the Logitech keyboard back to life and reconnect.

This step of disconnecting and reconnecting often works wonders, restoring a stable connection and bidding farewell to most iPad keyboard issues.

Forget And Reunite

Sometimes, your Logitech keyboard and iPad need a fresh start. In your iPad settings, forget the Logitech keyboard, and then re-pair it as if it’s a new connection. It might sound unreasonable, but breaking up the old connection paves the way for a stable, healthier rejoining.

Install Software Updates

Outdated software can be the culprit. Check if your iPad’s OS is up-to-date. If not, perform a software update for the latest bug fixes and compatibility improvements. Logitech keyboards work best with updated software.

Update Keyboard Firmware

Just like your iPad, your Logitech keyboard needs updates. So, visit the Logitech website, check for firmware updates specific to your model, and give your keyboard the software upgrade it deserves. In this way, you can address any potential compatibility issues and let your keyboard shine.

Gently Clean Connection Points

Dust and debris are sneaky villains. That’s why gently clean the connection points of your Logitech iPad keyboard with a soft brush or compressed air. A tidy connection ensures optimal functionality and might be the secret ingredient to solving your keyboard issues.

Give It A Fresh Start

If all else fails, it’s time for a bold move – unpairing and then reconnecting your Logitech iPad keyboard to fix its working issues. In your iPad settings, unpair the keyboard, power it off, and restart the pairing process. It can be the best thing for persistent connectivity issues.

Adjust Accessibility Settings

iPad’s Accessibility settings can sometimes be a spoiler. Check if Key Repeat and Sticky Keys are disabled, as they can influence how the keyboard responds to your taps. Adjust them as needed and see the impact on your keyboard’s performance.

Connect Logitech Keyboard To Another iPad

To prevent iPad-specific problems, try connecting your Logitech keyboard to another iPad if possible. If it works on a different device, the issue might be iPad-related, prompting further investigation into your iPad’s settings or a chat with Apple support.

Take Expert Assistance

If all else fails and your Logitech iPad keyboard still doesn’t work, it’s time to seek professional help. For this, you can contact us at SD CellPlus. Our tech wizards specialize in fixing a variety of issues, including a Logitech iPad keyboard that types the wrong characters. Let them work their magic and provide a reliable solution.

Final Thoughts

Remember, tech glitches are just hurdles on your path to a seamless digital experience. With these troubleshooting steps, you’ll fix the Logitech iPad keyboard and slim folio keyboard not working issues and get back to typing bliss.


Q1. How do I fix my iPad keyboard not typing?

If your iPad keyboard isn’t typing, restart your iPad, check for software updates, and ensure the keyboard is connected properly in the Bluetooth settings.

Q2. How do I reset my Logitech keyboard on my iPad?

To reset your Logitech keyboard on your iPad, go to Bluetooth settings, find your keyboard, and choose “Forget This Device.” Then, reconnect the keyboard by selecting it in the Bluetooth menu and entering the provided PIN.

Q3. How do I fix my Logitech keyboard that won’t type?

You can start by checking the battery, reconnecting the keyboard in Bluetooth settings, and updating your device’s Bluetooth drivers. If the problem persists, reset the keyboard, clear paired devices, or contact Logitech support for specialized assistance.