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How to Check iPhone Battery Health After a Reset

After a factory reset, checking your iPhone’s battery health is essential for optimal performance. The easiest way is to go to Settings, Battery, and Battery Health. Here, you’ll find crucial information such as Maximum Capacity, reflecting your battery’s overall health, and Peak Performance Capability, indicating its ability to handle peak processor performance. Ensure your device […]

How to Maintain Battery Health of Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

How do you maintain the battery health of your iPhone 14 Pro Max?

You can maintain ideal battery health on your iPhone 14 Pro Max, and for this, you have to employ a comprehensive strategy. Start by making sure your device has the most recent software updates installed, as these frequently include improvements for battery life. To help with heat dissipation, protect your device from temperature extremes and […]

How to Fix iPhone 15 Back Glass Panel Cracking Issue?

How to Fix the iPhone 15 Back Glass Panel Cracking Issue

The iPhone 15 boasts a sleek design, providing a graceful back glass panel. However, this beauty comes with the vulnerability of potential cracks and damage. Protecting your device from accidents is paramount to ensure its sturdiness and preserve its aesthetic attraction. Do you also want to learn how to fix the iPhone 15 back glass […]

How to Fix iPhone 15 battery draining issue?

How to Fix iPhone 15 battery draining issue

The brand-new iPhone 15 is a powerhouse of innovation and matchless performance. However, even the most advanced technology can face challenges. One such common issue is the fast draining of the battery. If you’re struggling with this irritating problem, you are not alone. Luckily, there are effective solutions to figure out how to fix the […]

Troubleshooting iPhone Battery Drain While Charging

iPhone Battery Drain While Charging

One of the foremost baffling issues iPhone users experience is a diminishing battery when their gadgets are charging. This issue can be puzzling, as charging your iPhone leads to an increased battery life. But it could happen for several reasons: your battery drains when it is charging. This guide by our SD Cell Plus experts […]

Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Problems

iPhone 14 overheated and won't turn on

Is your brand-new iPhone 14 heating up like a hot potato? You’re not alone! Many iPhone 14 users have reported facing overheating issues that can be quite frustrating. But fear not, for we have you covered. In this article, we will explore the common causes of iPhone Overheating problems and provide easy-to-follow solutions to keep […]

Troubleshooting Guide: iPhone 12 Overheated and Won’t Turn On

iPhone 12 overheated and won't turn on

Is your iPhone 12 experiencing distressing symptoms? Have you run across the annoying problem of it being too hot to switch on? Many iPhone users have had problems similar to the one you’re having. We’ll investigate the most frequent causes of iPhone overheating. In addition, we’ll provide you with actionable advice and suggestions for reviving […]

How To Stop iPhone From Overheating While Charging?

Overheating iPhone while charging

Imagine this scenario: you’ve got a slew of important calls, messages piling up, or you’re eagerly awaiting the download of your favorite Netflix show. You plug in your trusty iPhone for a quick charge, and suddenly, it feels like it’s hotter than a scorching summer’s day. The issue of overheating during charging is something many […]