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How To Fix Bluetooth Keyboard Typing Wrong Letters On iPad Issues

Bluetooth keyboards are incredibly convenient for typing on your iPad, but sometimes the Bluetooth keyboard is not working, but the mouse is. This can be frustrating, but fortunately, there are several solutions you can try to fix this issue. Restarting both the keyboard and iPad can resolve temporary glitches. Forgetting and re-pairing the keyboard in […]

How to Fix Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters on the iPad

How to Fix Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters on the iPad

Wondering how to fix the keyboard when it’s typing the wrong characters on the iPad? SD Cell Plus has you covered! Whatever issue is caused by hardware damage, such as a broken keyboard or software malfunction arising from the wrong setting, we have your back. Practical troubleshooting steps are outlined, including restarting your iPad, checking […]

Fix the iPad Slim Folio Keyboard Not Working Issues

How do you fix the iPad slim folio keyboard not working

Wondering how to fix the iPad’s slim folio keyboard not working issue? Don’t worry at all, as SD Cell Plus has got you covered. There are some easy yet powerful steps to troubleshoot and fix common problems with your iPad’s slim folio keyboard. These simple and effective steps include checking for Bluetooth connection, charging the […]

Revive Your iPad’s Battery: Solutions to Stop Battery Drain While Charging

iPad battery draining while charging

Are you tired of seeing your precious iPad battery drain faster than it charges? You’re not alone! Many iPad users face this frustrating issue. But fret not, because SD CELLPLUS is here to help you reclaim your iPad’s battery life! In this article, we’ll provide you with simple and effective solutions on how to fix […]