How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

To fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it, you can follow a systematic approach. Begin by ensuring the laptop is powered off to guarantee safety during the repair. Identify and unscrew the bezel around the cracked screen, carefully detaching it from the laptop. Take note of cable connections and delicately remove the damaged screen. […]

How to Fix Scratches on Liquid Screen Protector?

To fix scratches on a liquid screen protector, you can employ several household items and simple methods. One effective approach is using toothpaste, which, when applied and gently rubbed in circular motions, acts as a mild abrasive, minimizing minor scratches. Baking soda mixed with water creates a paste that can also buff out scratches, while […]

How To Remove Water Inside Phone Screen?

How To Remove Water Inside Phone Screen?

When water infiltrates your phone screen, swift action is crucial. Power down immediately and shake off excess water. Wipe the exterior, then try the silica gel method or create a vacuum with a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner. Patience is key; let your phone air-dry thoroughly. If issues persist, seek professional phone repair services […]

How to Maintain Battery Health of Your iPhone 14 Pro Max

How do you maintain the battery health of your iPhone 14 Pro Max?

You can maintain ideal battery health on your iPhone 14 Pro Max, and for this, you have to employ a comprehensive strategy. Start by making sure your device has the most recent software updates installed, as these frequently include improvements for battery life. To help with heat dissipation, protect your device from temperature extremes and […]

How to Fix Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters on the iPad

How to Fix Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters on the iPad

Wondering how to fix the keyboard when it’s typing the wrong characters on the iPad? SD Cell Plus has you covered! Whatever issue is caused by hardware damage, such as a broken keyboard or software malfunction arising from the wrong setting, we have your back. Practical troubleshooting steps are outlined, including restarting your iPad, checking […]

How to Fix iPhone 15 Back Glass Panel Cracking Issue?

How to Fix the iPhone 15 Back Glass Panel Cracking Issue

The iPhone 15 boasts a sleek design, providing a graceful back glass panel. However, this beauty comes with the vulnerability of potential cracks and damage. Protecting your device from accidents is paramount to ensure its sturdiness and preserve its aesthetic attraction. Do you also want to learn how to fix the iPhone 15 back glass […]

How to Fix iPhone 15 battery draining issue?

How to Fix iPhone 15 battery draining issue

The brand-new iPhone 15 is a powerhouse of innovation and matchless performance. However, even the most advanced technology can face challenges. One such common issue is the fast draining of the battery. If you’re struggling with this irritating problem, you are not alone. Luckily, there are effective solutions to figure out how to fix the […]

Fix the iPad Slim Folio Keyboard Not Working Issues

How do you fix the iPad slim folio keyboard not working

Wondering how to fix the iPad’s slim folio keyboard not working issue? Don’t worry at all, as SD Cell Plus has got you covered. There are some easy yet powerful steps to troubleshoot and fix common problems with your iPad’s slim folio keyboard. These simple and effective steps include checking for Bluetooth connection, charging the […]