Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working, But Mouse Is: What To Do?

Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working, But Mouse Is

Logitech’s K850 keyboard is a recognized wireless keyboard thanks to its ergonomic design and rich features. Nevertheless, a situation where the critical board stops working but the mouse continues to work is likely to occur. Here are some steps you can do when your Logitech K850 keyboard is not working but the mouse is: 1. […]

How to Cool Down Overheated Phone?

How to Cool Down Overheated Phone

Are you worried about your phone overheating? Then do not worry and follow these steps to keep your phone within optimum temperature:  Remove the phone from direct sunlight. Turn off unused features. Close background apps. Disable intensive apps. Remove the phone case. Limit gaming and video streaming. Enable airplane mode. Perform a soft reset. Monitor […]

Water Damaged Phone, Turns On But Screen Is Black

Water Damaged Phone

Understanding a water-damaged phone screen is important before troubleshooting. Water entering a phone can cause short circuits and corrosion, leading to component malfunctions.  Prompt action is key to minimizing damage. Start by powering off the device and avoiding attempts to turn it on or charge it. Check for visible damage, and if issues persist, seek […]

Types of Phone Screen Damages

The most common types of phone screen damages include spider web cracks, shattered glass, dead pixels, backlight leakage, touch/digitizer being unresponsive, and pressure spots. These can be fixed through DIY methods or by opting for professional smartphone repair services. Which one is most suitable for which type depends on the severity of the damage and your […]

How to Check iPhone Battery Health After a Reset

After a factory reset, checking your iPhone’s battery health is essential for optimal performance. The easiest way is to go to Settings, Battery, and Battery Health. Here, you’ll find crucial information such as Maximum Capacity, reflecting your battery’s overall health, and Peak Performance Capability, indicating its ability to handle peak processor performance. Ensure your device […]

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

To fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it, you can follow a systematic approach. Begin by ensuring the laptop is powered off to guarantee safety during the repair. Identify and unscrew the bezel around the cracked screen, carefully detaching it from the laptop. Take note of cable connections and delicately remove the damaged screen. […]

How to Fix Scratches on Liquid Screen Protector?

To fix scratches on a liquid screen protector, you can employ several household items and simple methods. One effective approach is using toothpaste, which, when applied and gently rubbed in circular motions, acts as a mild abrasive, minimizing minor scratches. Baking soda mixed with water creates a paste that can also buff out scratches, while […]

How To Remove Water Inside Phone Screen?

How To Remove Water Inside Phone Screen?

When water infiltrates your phone screen, swift action is crucial. Power down immediately and shake off excess water. Wipe the exterior, then try the silica gel method or create a vacuum with a plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner. Patience is key; let your phone air-dry thoroughly. If issues persist, seek professional phone repair services […]