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Spilled Water on Chromebook Keyboard: How Do I Fix It?

Spilled Water on Chromebook Keyboard

Let’s say you were using your Chromebook and accidentally spilled water on its keyboard. Now, the question arises: How do you fix it? Well, I know it doesn’t seem easy to deal with a water-spilled Chromebook, but believe us, we can make it easy with this guide. To fix your Chromebook at home, you need […]

Logitech MK235 Keyboard Not Working But Mouse Is

Imagine you’re typing and keys remain unresponsive. This frustrating issue happens when the Logitech MK235 Keyboard is not working. To help out your ventures, this article presents the simplest solutions to fix this issue within minimal time. Moreover, you can begin your quest by checking battery levels and the stability of the Bluetooth connection. To keep […]

How To Fix Bluetooth Keyboard Typing Wrong Letters On iPad Issues

Bluetooth keyboards are incredibly convenient for typing on your iPad, but sometimes the Bluetooth keyboard is not working, but the mouse is. This can be frustrating, but fortunately, there are several solutions you can try to fix this issue. Restarting both the keyboard and iPad can resolve temporary glitches. Forgetting and re-pairing the keyboard in […]

Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working, But Mouse Is: What To Do?

Logitech K850 Keyboard Not Working, But Mouse Is

Logitech’s K850 keyboard is a recognized wireless keyboard thanks to its ergonomic design and rich features. Nevertheless, a situation where the critical board stops working but the mouse continues to work is likely to occur. Here are some steps you can do when your Logitech K850 keyboard not working issues. 1. Basic Troubleshooting: Check batteries […]

How to Cool Down Overheated Phone?

How to Cool Down Overheated Phone

Are you worried about your phone overheating? Then do not worry and follow these steps to keep your phone within optimum temperature:  Remove the phone from direct sunlight. Turn off unused features. Close background apps. Disable intensive apps. Remove the phone case. Limit gaming and video streaming. Enable airplane mode. Perform a soft reset. Monitor […]